Application NotesProductPart Number
Measurement of Al, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, Si, Sn, Ti, V in Engine OilAAS01-1074-00
Analysis of Environmental Water Samples Using Graphite Furnace AA with Hyper-Pulse Background CorrectionAAS01-1075-00
Why Use Automatic Burner Rotation in Flame AAS?AAS01-1076-00
The Determination of Aluminium, Iron and Silicon in Rock SamplesAAS01-1077-00
The Analysis of Lead in Drinking WaterAAS01-1078-00
Comparison between flame heating and electrical heating trace-level hydride analysisAAS01-1079-00
Sensitivity Improvements in Flame AAS using GBC Atom TrapAAS01-1080-00
Improved Accuracy in AA Analysis using Automatic Sensitivity CorrectionAAS01-1081-00
The Determination of Beryllium in Drinking Water using the GBC Graphite Furnace SystemAAS01-1082-00
Quality Control Procedures for Graphite Furnace AAS using SavantAA SoftwareAAS01-1083-00
Mercury determination at ultra-trace concentration using GBC AAS and MC3000 Mercury ConcentratorAAS01-1084-00
The GBC high performance nitrous oxide-acetylene burner and spray chamber systemAAS01-1085-00
The determination of As, Se and Hg levels in U.S. EPA QC samples using the GBC HG3000 continuous-flow hydride generatorAAS01-1087-00
An evaluation of the performance characteristics of super lampsAAS01-1088-00
The measurement of Fe, Al, Ca and Mg in FeSi and FeSiMg samples by flame atomic absorptionAAS01-1089-00
Copper/Zinc ratio: a useful indicator for differentiation of sarcoidosis from pulmonary tuberculosis and lung cancerAAS01-1090-00
Determination of Sb, Ba and Pb in gunpowder residue analysisAAS01-1091-00
The analysis of selenium in the presence of iron using the GBC graphite furnace systemAAS01-1092-00
The determination of aluminium in plasma and dialysate solution using the GBC graphite furnace systemAAS01-1093-00
The determination of trace elements (Ca, Mg, Sr, Ba, Al, Ni, Fe, Cr) in brine solution by graphite furnace AASAAS01-1094-00
The Analysis of Tile GlazeAAS01-1096-00
The determination of lead in blood by graphite furnace AASAAS01-1099-00
The determination of copper, nickel and cobalt in sodium hypochloriteAAS01-1100-00